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Luxury Vehicles with the Latest Features

Ride in comfort and style with ET Limousine. Based in Lakeland, Florida, we drive a fleet of high-end vehicles that feature plush interiors and the latest technology, including LCD TVs and Bluetooth connectivity. Reserve one of our luxury vehicles today for your transportation needs. Please contact us for rate information.

Corporate Stretch Limo

Corporate Stretch Limo Interior

Corporate Stretch Limo with Drinks

Corporate Stretch Limo Seating

Corporate Stretch Limo

This executive limo is equipped with a 15" LCD TV, DVD/CD/MP3/MP4/iPod/USB/SD connections, Bluetooth connectivity, a 3-D mirror champagne holder, LED bar lights, four wine glasses, six drinking glasses, and a two-way intercom system.

Lincoln Stretch Limo

Lincoln Stretch Limo Seating

Lincoln Stretch Limo with a Television

Lincoln Stretch Limo

Our elegant Lincoln stretch limo is equipped with a custom-made, white marble bar with two 15" LCD TVs, DVD/VCR/CD/MP3/MP4/iPod/USB/SD connections, a 3.5" radio-display screen, a champagne holder, 16 wine glasses, 14 drinking glasses, LED bar lights, over 250 optical lights, a two-way intercom system, and a mirror partition window.

Charger SRT-8 Limo

Charger SRT-8 Limo Interior

Charger SRT-8 Limo Bar

Charger SRT-8 Limo Seating & Drinks

Charger SRT-8 Limo with Drinks

Beautiful Charger SRT-8 Limo Interior

Charger SRT-8 Limo Seating

Charger SRT-8 Limo

This one-of-a-kind Charger SRT-8 limo is the best in its class. It's equipped with touchscreen controls, two bars, 12 wine glasses, 12 drinking glasses, LED lighting, a Bose sound system, DVD/CD/iPod/MP3/AUX connections, Bluetooth connectivity, and three flat-screen TVs.

Black Escalade Stretch Limo

Our party limo features a 2,500-watt surround sound system, two wet bars, 20 drinking glasses, 23 wine glasses, a 36" LCD TV and four 7" LCD TVs, over 350 star optical lights, a mirrored ceiling, fiber optics, CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/iPod/Satellite connections, a Bluetooth radio, two laser light shows, multiple strobe lights, a spinning crystal disco ball, and a fog machine. It can accommodate between 16 and 18 passengers.

Krystal Party Bus

This one-of-a-kind party bus is equipped with a 3,000-watt surround sound system, a 42" LCD TV, fiber optic lighting, two laser light shows, CD/DVD/MP3/MP4/iPod/Satellite connections, a Bluetooth radio, a fog machine, a dance pole, and a two-keg beer tap system ready to pour (only party bus in the state).